The Developers Behind Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™

Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™stems from an idea by EFT Master and Trainer Tania A Prince. Tania was inspired to develop the idea after being inspired by the work of Eckhart Tolle. June K Spencer joined with Tania to help develop the process further. Both are highly experienced therapists and trainers in the field of EFT.

Tania A Prince,
EFT Master

Tania is an EFT Master. She has presented at EFT
Conferences both in the UK and America. She is a highly
experienced therapist who has worked
with thousands of clients in face to face sessions and
via the phone. She is one of the leading trainers of EFT
in the world with over ten years of experience training
therapists. Her courses are renowned for the energy and
humour she brings to them, as well as the depth of
training. She is also one of the leading innovators in
the field. As well as running EFT training
courses, Tania is an
internationally recognized NLP Trainer (Neuro-Linguistic
programming). She has an extensive knowledge of
therapeutic approaches which include; Time line therapy,
counselling, hypnotherapy, TAT (Tapas Acupressure
Technique) and BSFF (Be Set Free Fast). She has worked
in the field of psychotherapy for over eighteen years.Although she has experience working with a huge range
of issues, she specializes in building confidence, public
speaking and helping people build successful businesses.Her work has been featured on TV and radio.Tania has a background in chemistry, having gained a
degree at Leicester University before moving on and
working as a microbiologist. After leaving the sciences
she moved into show business and spent ten years of her
life in this field, before changing career paths and
moving into the field of psychotherapy. 
June K Spencer



June has worked for many years in education before training as a
holistic therapist, cognitive behaviour therapist and
continuing her lifelong learning journey when she
completed her Certificate in Education in 2004.  This
has led to her developing courses that offer quality
assurance and a professional standard for her students.
Through this work her goal is to bridge the gap between
complementary medicine and allopathic medicine.

She is the co-developer and trainer of Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ with
Tania A Prince.  The process has been incorporated as
part of a therapeutic technique and teaching strategy
and applied within an anger management group setting in
a Health Care Centre.  Research is currently being
undertaken on the effectiveness of this approach and
will be available as a resource for students.

June is also currently employed by an agency supporting vulnerable
young adults.  As part of her work she deals with young
clients who have diverse needs.  June helps these young
people overcome many issues such as low self-esteem,
lack of confidence, stress, self-harming, image issues,
depression, anxiety, anger and relationship issues.  In
her work she offers CBT, Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ and
teaches a ‘mindful’ approach to changing thoughts,
attitudes and behaviour.  Empowering the client to
realise they can bring about positive change in their

She is a dedicated trainer and believer that positive change is a
process we can all access and it starts ‘within’.  She
is honoured to be working beside Tania and
whole-heartedly believes that Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ and
a ‘mindful’ approach to life can restore peace and joy
to all our lives.  She is hopeful that this process will
be taught in schools, work environments and homes.