Chronic Lower Back Pain

Below is an article about physical problem in this case chronic lower back pain. Many people experience back problems in one form or another. They can be debilitating. When a problem becomes chronic it can lead to us holding back and restricting our life.

Chronic Back Pain and Emotions

In the case below K describes her chronic back problems and how Inner RePatterning helped clear them. The interesting points to note are that during the process of clearing she realized the emotional underpinnings of her chronic pain. This is clearly demonstrated when after clearing the back problem, she finds it returns to some degree when she returns to the house that held many stressful memories from her past. The house was acting as a trigger.

Story of a Back Pain

“As a young girl my dream was just to dance.  I started ballet school at a very tender age as my parents knew my desire but also because I had minor back weakness they believed it would help strengthen it.

I loved my ballet, but now know with hindsight that the emotional pressure put on us was the start of a downward spiral in my back issues.  At seventeen I went into full time ballet training and started to have major problems with my right hip, was sent for many test and finally it was decided that my bones were not hardening quick enough with the growth spurt and the pressure of six hours plus ballet a day. So I gave up the career as a dancer!

Through the years I have suffered with very bad back problems, slipped a disc whilst carrying my first child, and many years of manipulations and physio helped but never quite got there.

Then a magic day happened.  I went on an Inner RePatterning course with Tania. I arrived dosed up on ibuprofen and pain killers, hardly able to move.  The second day of the course when one of the young girls on the course offered to work on me – I asked her not to do an emotional clear, but rather to work on the pain.  WOW!   Within 20 minutes I was so pain free I was in tears and dancing around the room.  All these years I had believed that my chronic back pain was totally structural – NO.  Main issue “I AM THE ONE WHO ALWAYS GETS KICKED IN THE ARSE!”

This issue and the clearing was so totally out of the blue, but then I could link the times my back had been really bad to many major emotional events in my life.

But, There is an add on to this.  I drove home in my little sports car – no pain in my back, singing my heart out.  Turned into the drive of my house and BANG my back ache started again.  So I sat in front of my house tapped on my thymus and put out the feeling, and low and behold even my house was a trigger!  My ex husband had KICKED me out of our married home into this one!!  So everyday my house had been a trigger.

Needless to say – I am now in charge of my good health  and pain free back with this wonderful technique

Thank you Tania”

Interesting Points to Note

1. The mind and body are interconnected

2. The body often acts as a metaphor for the problem

3. K held the belief her problem was structural. She even had evidence for this being the case. And yet the chronic lower back pains cleared.


Please Note

The above article does not imply you would gain the same result.


Tania A Prince

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