What is Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™?

Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ is a mindfulness based psychotherapeutic technique. When used allows the person to recognise limiting cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns and empowers change to occur.
Who would benefit from learning Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™?
If you work within the health profession with members of the public who are experiencing problems relating to mental, emotional or physical health, this mindfulness based therapeutic technique will enhance the work you already do. Equally, if you are a member of the public who is experiencing any of the above, this is a self-empowering tool that will enable you to take control of your life. Teachers wishing to help their students deal with limited beliefs, lack of confidence or self-esteem, helping your students to recognise their own inner strengths and resources will add emotional intelligence to their learning resources.
Can I use Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ on myself?
Anyone can use Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™. It is a gentle technique that requires no analysis of the problem or issue. It allows us to begin to understand how our mind works and through working in the present moment without judgement or criticism presents us with alternative choices as to how we perceive the difficulties we face in life.
What are the benefits of Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™?
Reduces heart rate
Reduces stress
Promotes relaxation
Develops emotional intelligence
Reconnects us to our higher thought patterns
Teaches us compassion for ourselves and others
Peace of mind
How does Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ benefit mental health?
Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™is being taught as part of an 8 week mindfulness based programme and has been recognised by many of the participants as a self-help technique that is easily learned.
Students of Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ have recognised the benefits of using this technique to:

  • quieten their mind during stressful experiences
  • reduce stress
  • improve breathing and thus reduce anxiety levels
  • change their negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns
  • recognise their negative behaviour and work towards changing long-standing habits
  • re-associate with life
  • lift depressive moods
  • gain emotional stability
  • accept themselves


How can I learn more about Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™?
There are several ways to learn more about Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™: Learn via DVD (DVD’s can be found on this site); attend a training course, information on this option can be found in the Training Section; read about Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ in the Free Resources section. We are in the process of setting up teleseminars, these will be added to the site shortly.
How can I become an Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ Practitioner?
The current requirements for becoming an Inner RePatterning practitioner are that you attend a training course in Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ run by a recognised trainer, post training that you submit two case histories that demonstrate an ability to effectively use the approach. These requirements may change.
How can I find an Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ Practitioner?
You can find a practitioner by using the Find a Practitioner search features on this site. All recognised practitioners are listed here. This is the official home for Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ Worldwide.
How does Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ differ from EFT?
Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™was developed from the energy therapy technique, EFT. It is however very different from EFT. It is a therapy process in its own right. It does not require analysis, understanding or needing to talk about the problem or the past. It is a highly solution focussed approach. It could also be seen as “heart centred”, based on our latest scientific understanding of the importance of the heart in creating health and wellness.
Do I need to be qualified in any other therapy in order to learn Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™?
No, Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ is a stand alone therapy.