Mindfulness Therapy: Emotional Release with Talking About the Problem

‘It’s not there. There are no words or sensations, nothing. It is like it doesn’t matter anyway”.

Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ is a mindfulness therapy technique. However, it goes beyond mindfulness in that it is also an emotional releasing technique. It can be used in a therapeutic environment or as a self-help approach. It is a simple technique. It is however very different from many of the other approaches used to help people resolve their emotion or physical issues.

The Pain of Talking About Our Problems

Many therapy techniques for helping clients deal their issues require extensive talking about what has happened that led up to them having the problem. During this process there can be a lot of pain on the client’s side telling their story, often results in them having to put themselves back into the painful events from their past. For some clients, it is as if they are reliving those moments. This can often lead to clients not attending for further sessions or their experiencing deep distress.

Relief without the Need to Talk and Understand the Problem

With Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ there is no need to talk about or relive the past. It is a mindfulness-based technique in which the client’s awareness is drawn to “how they know they have the problem”. We think in images, sounds, internal dialogue, tastes and feelings. This is often called the language of the mind. By bringing the client’s awareness to their internal processing, it helps to dissociate them from the experience. They go into a place of being mindful of what is happening. This process can make it a far more gentle process for the client.

Content Free Emotional Release

The case below was written by Mindfulness Based Inner RePatterning™ practitioner Beverley. In this case, she works with her client taking her through the Inner RePatterning process without going into the story of the problem. She works in a content-free way. There is no doubt at times during the process there is resistance to letting go of whatever the problem is, as the client’s words reveal anger; however this is not explored or talked about. It is however released resulting in the client reaching a place of “calmness” akin to having had a “massage”.

Helping the Client Release Her Problem

Background: The client was a 49-year-old woman.

I began the session by saying that this was about reaching a place of inner calm in a way that needed no effort and would be safe and easy. We were going to go through a gentle process that didn’t require us to ‘get it right’ and was more about ‘going with the flow’.

I then had the client gently tapping on the thymus while we set the intention. I followed the course work intention on page four word for word.

I then asked her to put her awareness on the problem and that she would know that she had this problem because she would have feelings, sensations, a picture or words.

She nodded and said, ‘Words and sensations.’

Tapping the thymus, I guided her to relax her vision into peripheral vision. She tensed up as we did this, so I reminded her of the intention we had already set and encouraged her to smile with her eyes. I then moved to the side of her and gently waved my hand to allow her to widen her vision. As she went into peripheral vision, her shoulders relaxed, as did the side of her eyes.

I said, ‘Now I want you to focus gently on your breath be aware of your breath in and your breath out.’ I did that for three rounds and said,

‘As you breathe out this time allow that problem that you know is there because you have words and sensations about it to be put outside of yourself.’

She nodded. I reminded her to relax her eyes and allow her vision to expand to the sides. I then said,

‘Allow whatever that is, to just be there without judging it or trying to alter it. Allow it to be there because it is there, and that is OK.’

I asked her to bring her awareness back to herself she slightly curled her lip. I asked her what she was experiencing.

‘I don’t like it.’ She replied.

I asked her to breathe in and on the breath out to put that outside of herself. I repeated the ‘allowing whatever is there, to just be there’ and then asked her to focus her awareness back to herself. She said she felt calmer and glad it was ‘out of her’.

I encouraged her to keep tapping and said,

‘You have already set the intention for this process and can now allow this to take place without effort or judgment allowing your self to truly feel a deep peace.’

She smiled, and I asked her what was going on for her.

‘I just feel it doesn’t matter, it’s OK.’

I asked her to place the palm of her hand over her heart and asked her to breathe that in allowing it to expand to every cell. I asked her,

‘If there was a colour that could help you to feel total peace around this situation what would it be?’

She replied, ‘Blue.’

‘As you breath in allow this beautiful blue colour to enter through your heart and travel to each cell, each atom enhancing and healing you in the most beautiful way.’

Her body language relaxed even further, and I asked if there was another colour that could be even more helpful.

‘Mmmm, yellow’ her speech and reaction speed to answering me were slower, and she sounded ‘dreamy’ I repeated the breathing in with the yellow and then asked her if there was another colour.


She replied and we repeated the process. I then asked her to focus back on the initial ‘problem’ and asked her if anything had changed. She said she felt calmer but that it was still there ‘outside of her.’

I repeated the ‘creating a safe zone’ by having her tap on the thymus and focusing on her breathing and then expanding her awareness into peripheral vision. I then asked her to see the part that was outside her but still there and continue tapping while she accepted that it was there and allowed it to be without judgment or criticism.

I said, ‘If this part could communicate with you what do you think it might say.’

Her lips tensed, and she looked angry. I gently asked what she was experiencing. She said,

“It’s not me. It’s my ex but like he is a child”.

I said,

‘Allow that to be because that is what is there.’

She replied,

‘I don’t want to.’

I said,

“Let’s put that out there. ‘I don’t want to”.

“Allow “I don’t want to”, to be out there and remembering that you have already set the intention that this be for your most profound and beautiful healing allow it to be what it is.”

I reminded her about her peripheral vision and then and had her place her hand over her heart.

‘If there was a colour that could help what would that be?’

She replied ‘Gold’.

I said,

‘Allow that gold colour to enter through your heart and invite that part to let this gold colour to enter and through it”.

She said, ‘No, I don’t want to do anything for it.’

I had her repeat the breathing and reminded her intention was for a beautiful healing, and so however that was manifesting to allow herself to be OK with that.’

She continued breathing, and then she smiled I asked her what was going on for her. She said ‘the gold has come down like a curtain, and I can’t see him anymore and it’s as I am now standing in front of the curtain.’

I asked her if that part that was in front of the curtain had something to communicate with her. She ‘listened’ then made a ‘scoffing noise’ I asked what was happening.

She said, ‘It’s just said I can’t abandon any neglected children, I don’t know where that’s come from.’

I said,

‘Maybe it’s a belief, maybe not but whatever it is what colour would be the most profound and beautiful colour to bring you to a place of inner peace?

She said, “Yellow’ after breathing that it and asking her again she said ‘Blue’.

After that, I asked her what she was experiencing, and she shrugged and said, ‘Calm, peaceful.’

I asked her to think about the original problem she had come with and to see how that felt to her now. She smiled and said,

‘It’s not there. There are no words or sensations, nothing. It is like it doesn’t matter anyway”.

I asked her how that felt, and she said, ‘good.’

I then asked her to place her right hand on the top of her left hand that was over her heart and said,

‘As you breathe, allow all those beautiful colours to continue working in the most amazing way. So, no matter whether you are tapping or not it continues to work and releases all that is blocking you from being in a place of peace and joy. Allow your breath to carry it to every cell and atom, to every fiber of your being easily and effortlessly. Then when you are ready put your hands down”.

I allowed her time to sit and relax and then asked her how she was feeling. ‘Like I do when I have had a massage’ she smiled.

We then discussed how she could use the method herself and that having set the intention she would be working towards that place of inner calm and peace.

Tania A Prince

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