Inner RePatterning and Stress

Inner RePatterning and Specific Problems

Inner RePatterning has been used on a vast range of problems. These include issues as diverse as sleep and flu to dealing with emotional baggage and stress that can accumulate over the years.

Understanding Inner RePatterning and the Mind/ Body System

Inner RePatterning is a simple technique. To understand what you can use it on, it is good to understand the mind/ body system.

The Nervous System

Parasympathetic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) comprises of two branches, parasympathetic and sympathetic. The ANS is responsible for the regulation of the internal glands and organs. Both branches of the ANS are needed for health and vitality. They complement each other. The parasympathetic branch is involved in allowing digestion, conservation of energy, and repair and regeneration etc. These functions occur whilst the mind/body is in a rest phase.

Sympathetic Nervous System

The sympathetic branch is involved in preparing the body for vigorous activity. It is the part of the nervous system that activates our/ mind body system to deal with stress, threats and danger.

Inner RePatterning and the Nervous System

At the beginning of the Inner RePatterning process, you go into a state of mind that induces a state of peacefulness and an inner calm. When a person accesses this state, they are switching to operating from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic.

When the parasympathetic nervous system is in control, the body begins to repair, rebuild and regenerate. The reason for this is because the mind/body system does not feel under threat. The fight or flight response is turned off. We can relax. Whilst we are relaxed, the body carries out essential maintenance.

Since the initial steps taken in Inner RePatterning switch off the fight or flight response and activate a relaxation response, even without using the full process, people gain great benefit.

Stress and Illness

Many of the problems we experience in life are due to stress. During stress, the fight or flight response is activated. That stressful event may pass time may move on, but generally we often do not truly release the stress from our mind/ body system. This means that over time the stress load we are carrying, increases and often can go beyond our capacity to deal with it.

This can lead to us being predominantly in the sympathetic nervous system response. The two branches of the ANS are out balance. Our body stops repairing and regenerating itself sufficiently. Our health can begin to break down.

Re-balancing the Nervous System

Inner RePatterning could be seen as a technique for re-establishing the balance between the two arms of the nervous system.

Even without using the full process, if you were just to use the initial steps of IR you would gain great benefit by relaxing, and allowing the body to switch its self healing mechanisms on, amongst many other things.

By the Way

But I handle stress well!

Right! I have heard so many people tell me that, and yet they are experiencing a breakdown of the mind/ body system. So, what is happening here? Sometimes we think we handle stress well, and that is because, we are just able to push it all down and get on with life. Well, you can’t keep pushing it down. At some point you reach capacity, and now it wants OUT! Your system begins to break down. It is your mind/ body system communicating with you. If you listen to this communication and work with your mind/ body system you can take the steps to get back into balance.

Tania A Prince

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