What is Inner RePatterning?

Inner RePatterning a Simple Innovative Approach to Creating Health

Inner RePatterning is a very simple mindfulness based technique. It was developed from EFT. However it is very different from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Inner RePatterning was conceived by EFT Founding Master Tania A Prince. AAMET Trainer June K Spencer helped co-developed the technique.

  • Inner RePatterning does not require analysis of the problem
  • It does not require understanding the problem
  • It does not require talking about the problem
  • It does not require breaking problems down into specific pieces as EFT does


Inner RePatterning is:

  • A mindfulness based technique
  • It uses gentle tapping on the thymus point of the body – so it is an energy based therapy
  • It is generally a very gentle technique
  • It can work with complex problems or simple issues
  • It can be used as a self help approach
  • It is a heart centred approach
  • It activates heart coherence – heart coherence has been found to be conducive to health and well-being
  • It re-establishes heart/brain balance and therefore health
Tania A Prince

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